This first album was born of meditations and the desire to show children and parents a way to be positive and communicate differently. A 2nd is being created ...

Nao and the magical mountain

ISBN 978-2-9559964-0-9

The story : 

Nao is a little boy who lives at the top of a big mountain. One day his ball falls at the foot of the mountain, Nao go to look for his ball. He finds himself at the very bottom of the mountain and will have to find in him the resources and strength to go home.

For children from 2-3 years old. Topics covered: emotions, self-confidence, body awareness, self-esteem, patience, breathing.

It offers tools such as learning to breathe, as well as notions like "take your time", "keep your goal", "stay positive" in a fun way ...

The book has a CD with the music of Nao and the story told by the voice of a boy and the author and a sound creation throughout the reading.

Author, storyteller: Emmanuelle Martin

Illustrator: Emmanuelle Toussaint

Graphic director, composer, performer: Sébastien Prats

Boy's voice: Maëlouann Martin Prats

   Livre + CD audio
  22 €+frais de port en France métropolitaine

Nouvelle édition

   Les 2 fichiers  MP3:
  1. le conte en musique
  2. la chanson de Nao 
    "la force est en toi"
  7 €

Book's extract


extrait conte Nao et la montagne enchantSébastien Prats
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About Breathing

"What a joy to be able to promote the consciousness of the breath, simply, easily, at the toddlers (and even at any age...).

A seed of positive for balance of each Being under construction..."

Emmanuelle Martin, writer

Towards an inspired health

"The discovery and exploration of emotions in children is a challenge... for parents too... : ) 

Welcome, communicate, navigate, sometimes groping, adapt, let go and persevere, assert oneself... 

On the road to homeodynamism!" 

Emmanuelle Martin, writer

Songwriter, musician:

Sébastien Prats

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