NAO and the magical mountain 

only in french version, but soon translate in an English version.


A tale in playful and original music

for toddlers, from 2-3 years

« Nao is a little boy who lives in a village on the very top of a big mountain....

One day, his red ball falls at the very bottom of the mountain... 

So, like an aventurer, he decides to go in search of him… »

This is an amasing story of a little boy and his ball. An imaginary unexpected character help him and accompanies him with his emotions, he initiales him with exercices to feel good, to feel energy and joy of his body and assist him to reach his goal. 

Un mot sur l'auto-édition...

Ce livre est réalisé en auto-édition de A à Z avec nos petites mains, notre persévérance, et notre souhait du quotidien de travailler avec des gens qui partagent les mêmes valeurs humanistes que nous.


Meeting in Montbrun-Les-Bains France, Sunday 1st September, 4 pm
« Well being - well born in the family, positifs words to grow well » 

This conference presents a new perspective on how we talk and communicate with our children to bring well-being and serenity to our family cocoon. In a simple way, we see how our words and sentences can have a positive influence on our well-being, and on the emotional and motor development of our children.

“My original idea was to make children want to just breathe…” 

Emmanuelle Martin, author, physiotherapist

Breathing. Self-Confidence.  Self-esteem. Relaxation.    Joy

The Show

The show of Nao
The tale all in music with a small shadow theatre...


This story is an invitation to let the Child be human.

To make exist and to express fully the emotions.

The emotions are natural, spontaneous, sudden and their process is completely human.

They are the expression of internal biological / chemical / physical reactions, sudden adaptation to an unexpected stimulus of the environment. Depending on the type of emotion, some organs will be more or less in reaction to adapt to the situation. For example, the heart that accelerates in the case of fear.


Emotion creates an internal imbalance that requires adaptation to return to a state of balance because the functioning of the human body tends to seek a permanent balance. This is homeostasis.

The generated behaviors carry a positive intention of survival or evolution.


Knowing all this, it is important to allow one to express one's natural physiological processes, to welcome them without judgment or humiliation, to experience them, to welcome them, as a normal process, of development, and of human exploration.

Then it is a question of verbalizing it, of transforming all that. Help transform the energy of your experiences into a positive experience to help the child grow well.

The important thing is to express the feeling of emotion.


There are four main emotions, with thousands of sub tones ... anger, fear, sadness, joy.

The character of Nao, a little boy will live emotions, as and as his adventure in history. Each is expressed and illustrated in a very simple way.

The imaginary character of the Magical Mountain shows a model of caring accompaniment with accuracy, assurance and confidence. An attentive and positive listening. Then proposes a transformation to rebalance the energy and return to a pleasant body feeling.

Clip the song of Nao

         "La Force est en toi"

         Sébastien Prats, composer, performer


Promote physical activity, movement, and awareness of breathing by walking, dancing.

The lack of energy. Who did not experience it? Especially at the end of the day! It only takes a few times to be aware of the first signs of fatigue to practice simple actions, such as breathing to revitalize quickly. But for that, you have to learn to know your body. The sooner we learn it and integrate it into everyday life, the easier it is to practice it. That's why the exercise of breathing, simply. And it works, the kids like to reproduce and have fun breathing, like Nao.


Rest. Our society encourages us to be always on top, always erases, always thoroughly, always more. one is sense stop solicited from morning till night. But we are not taught to rest. Doing nothing, which does not mean doing nothing, but being aware of being alive. The body needs rest. The body functions by phase of action and inaction. By cycle. Rest periods, readjustment, rebalancing. So let the child daydream ... allows the brain to integrate, to digest the emotional, the experiences.

Guidance to breathing.

From her profession of masseur-physiotherapist, the author intervenes in internships and offers workshops around breathing, associated with the movement or the practice of guided relaxation.

The birth of the book

2 years to be realized by ourself-edition with Alféa Création association.

Authentic illustrations in drawings, which have a soul, painting by hand, with simplicity and original colors,in the hour, we wanted a more vivid, more human touch for this book. 

The inspiration comes from my daily life as a mom and the willingness to share a way of communicating with a child that is important to me, through a gentle and simple, caring, inspiring and positive writing.
The first edition of the book appeared in March 2017.

Songwriter, musician:

Sébastien Prats

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